About us

We’re experts in aluminium.

We could say we know everything there is to know about this incredibly versatile material: from industrial requirements through to a whole range of innovative, custom applications.
Our experience has given us a real understanding of what all industrial sectors need. We’ve helped a large number of companies – from the smallest artisanal business through to large firms – in a wide range of different applications.

This is our work, but also our passion: we’ve found countless innovative ways to work with aluminium. You’ll be amazed!

Our vocation is to be creative: aluminium is extraordinarily light, resistant and ductile. We know it inside out.
That’s why we can always offer you creative, innovative solutions tailored to your requirements.

LMA was founded in 1997 as a firm specializing in services and technologies for the aluminium extrusion industry. This specialization has made us a landmark company, recognised by all our customers.

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